Useful links

The Life of Bahá’u’lláh

View a photographic narrative of the life of Bahá’u’lláh, Whose teachings provide the inspiration for the work of the Ruhi Institute, as well as countless individuals across the globe promoting the betterment of society.

Fundación para la Aplicación y Enseñanza de la Ciencia (FUNDAEC)

Learn about the programs and materials of FUNDAEC, an NGO in Colombia created to search for alternative patterns of social organization and to examine questions related to the relationship of science, technology and educational policy, as well as their application to problems of development.

The Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP)

Explore the work of ISGP, whose mission is to provide a forum for the exploration of concepts and the analysis of programs of action that address the generation and application of knowledge and the development of appropriate social structures in order to effect enduring change for the betterment of society.

Promoting a Discourse on Science, Religion, and Development

Access a paper prepared by Dr. Farzam Arbab—physicist and founder of FUNDAEC—which explores how science and religion, two sources of knowledge and practice, advance the development process.

DL Publicaciones (DLP)

Learn about the titles distributed by DLP, an NGO engaged in the publication of educational materials for diverse age groups and purposes that enhance the spiritual and scientific capabilities of individuals, communities and their institutions.

Comunidad Bahá’í de Colombia

Learn about the activities of the Bahá’í community of Colombia.